How to Pronounce Indelicato? (CORRECTLY)

Indelicato is a surname of Italian origin. To pronounce “Indelicato,” follow these steps:

  1. Start by breaking down the word into syllables: In-de-li-ca-to.
  2. Emphasize the syllable “In” by saying it slightly louder and longer than the other syllables.
  3. Next, pronounce the “de” as in “day.” Make sure to enunciate the “d” sound clearly.
  4. Move on to the “li” in Indelicato. Pronounce it as “lee.”
  5. The syllable “ca” is pronounced as “ka,” and make sure to emphasize the “k” sound.
  6. Finally, end with “to” as in “toe.”

Putting it all together, the pronunciation of Indelicato is “In-de-li-ca-to.”

Keep practicing, and soon you’ll be able to pronounce Indelicato with ease!

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