How to Pronounce Indies? (CORRECTLY)

If you’ve ever wondered how to pronounce the word “indies,” you’re not alone. The term is commonly used in the context of independent films, music, and video games, but its pronunciation can be a point of confusion for many.

The correct pronunciation of “indies” is “IN-deez.” The emphasis is placed on the first syllable, and the “d” sound is a soft “d” as in “day.” It is crucial to avoid pronouncing it as “IN-dyes” or “IN-dee-ehs,” as these are common mispronunciations.

Understanding the correct pronunciation of “indies” is important, particularly if you are involved in the entertainment industry or are a fan of independent art forms. Using the proper pronunciation not only shows respect for the creators and artists but also avoids any potential misunderstandings in communication.

So the next time you discuss indie films, indie music, or indie games, remember to pronounce “indies” as “IN-deez” to ensure that you are communicating clearly and accurately.

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