How to Pronounce Ireneo Affò? (CORRECTLY)

Ireneo Affò was an Italian writer and historian, known for his works on art and literature. His name is pronounced as “ee-reh-neh-oh ah-faw.”

Here is a breakdown of the pronunciation:

  • Ireneo: ee-reh-neh-oh
  • Affò: ah-faw

When pronouncing “Ireneo,” the emphasis is on the second syllable “reh.”

For “Affò,” the emphasis is on the first syllable “ah,” and the “ff” is pronounced as a soft “f” sound.

It’s important to remember that in Italian, each letter is pronounced, and the stress usually falls on the second-to-last syllable.

So, when saying “Ireneo Affò,” remember to pronounce each syllable clearly and emphasize the correct syllable in each word.

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