How to Pronounce Irengbam? (CORRECTLY)

Irengbam is a name of Indian origin, specifically from the state of Manipur. It is important to pronounce it correctly to show respect and understanding of the culture and language. The pronunciation of Irengbam is as follows:

Step 1: Break it Down

Break the name into smaller parts – I-reng-bam.

Step 2: Pronunciation

Each part of the name is pronounced as follows:

  • I – pronounced as “eye”
  • reng – pronounced as “reng” with a short ‘e’ sound like in “bed”
  • bam – pronounced as “bam” with a short ‘a’ sound like in “cat”

Step 3: Putting it Together

Once you have the pronunciation of each part, put them together – Eye-reng-bam.

Step 4: Practice

Practice saying the name aloud, trying to mimic the correct pronunciation as closely as possible. Ask someone who is familiar with the name to listen and provide feedback on your pronunciation.


Mastering the pronunciation of names from different cultures shows respect and understanding. By following the steps above, you can confidently pronounce Irengbam correctly and show appreciation for the Indian culture.

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