Irha Name Meaning

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What Does Irha Mean?

The name Irha is of Persian origin and means “lady, feminine grace”.

How Popular Is the Name Irha?

Irha is not a common name and does not appear to be widely popular. It remains fairly uncommon and lesser known.

Irha Name Personality

A girl named Irha likely has a graceful, elegant personality. She carries herself with feminine poise and dignity. Irha represents noble qualities of womanhood.

Name Variations

Some variations of the name Irha include Erha, Ira and Eira.

Similar Names

Other names with a similar meaning of “elegance” or “feminine grace” include Avani, Zara and Arya.

Famous People Named Irha

There do not appear to be any particularly famous or notable people known by the first name Irha. It remains an uncommon name.


Is Irha a Islamic Name?

While Irha is not specifically mentioned in the Quran, it is an acceptable name for Muslim girls since its meaning represents positive feminine qualities praised in Islam like grace, dignity and nobility of character.

Is Irha a Quranic Name?

Irha is not directly a Quranic name but the virtues it signifies align well with Islamic teachings on womanhood.

Is Irha a Arabic Name?

Irha is technically a Persian name since it originates from the Persian language. However, it can be used by Muslims of non-Persian backgrounds due to its positive meaning.


Irha is a Persian name meaning “lady, feminine grace” representing noble qualities of womanhood. While uncommon, Irha signifies an elegant, dignified personality in its namesake. Irha is an acceptable name for Muslim girls due to the positive feminine virtues it represents that align with Islamic teachings.

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