How to Pronounce Isaouane-N-Tifernine? (CORRECTLY)

Isaouane-N-Tifernine is a place located in Algeria, and its pronunciation may be a bit challenging for some.

To pronounce Isaouane-N-Tifernine, follow these steps:

  1. Start with the first part of the name, “Isaouane”. It is pronounced as “ee-sah-wahn”. The “ee” sound in the beginning is similar to the “ee” in “peel”, and the “wahn” is pronounced similar to “wand” but with a softer “d” sound.
  2. Move on to the second part, “N-Tifernine”. It is pronounced as “en tee-fair-neen”. The “en” sounds like the “en” in “ten”, and “tee-fair-neen” should be pronounced as it is spelled, with emphasis on the “tee” and “neen” parts.

When putting it all together, it would sound like “ee-sah-wahn en tee-fair-neen”.

Practice saying the name several times to become more comfortable with its pronunciation.

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