How to Pronounce Ivanco? (CORRECTLY)

Pronouncing “Ivanco” correctly can be a bit tricky for those unfamiliar with the name. Here’s a simple guide on how to say it correctly.

Step 1: Break it Down

The name “Ivanco” is pronounced ee-vahn-koh

Step 2: The “I” Sound

Start with the “ee” sound, as in the word “see”. Make sure it’s a long “ee” sound.

Step 3: The “v” Sound

Next, move on to the “vahn” part. The “v” should be pronounced like the letter “v” in the alphabet. The “ahn” should have a short “ah” sound followed by a quick “n”.

Step 4: The “ko” Sound

Lastly, finish with the “koh” sound. The “ko” should be pronounced with a long “o” and a hard “k” sound.

Step 5: Put it all Together

Now that you have broken down each part, put it all together to say “Ivanco” correctly: ee-vahn-koh

Remember to practice and repeat the name until you feel confident in your pronunciation.

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