How to Pronounce Izure? (CORRECTLY)

The pronunciation of the word “Izure” can be a bit confusing for non-native speakers of Japanese. The word is pronounced “ee-zoo-reh” in Japanese, with the stress on the first syllable. The “ee” sound is similar to the vowel sound in the English word “see,” and the “zoo” sound is similar to the English word for the animal. The “reh” sound is similar to the “reh” in the English word “rare.”

To pronounce “Izure” correctly, try breaking it down into its individual syllables and practicing each one separately. Once you feel confident with each syllable, try putting them together to form the full word.

It’s important to listen to native speakers pronouncing the word to get a better sense of the correct pronunciation. You can also use online resources or language learning apps to hear the word pronounced by native speakers and compare your pronunciation to theirs.

Overall, with some practice and attention to the individual sounds in “Izure,” you can improve your pronunciation and feel more confident using the word in conversation.

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