Jabari: Name Meaning, Gender, Popularity and Pronunciation

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Jabari Name Meaning

Jabari is an African name meaning “brave, strong, and valiant like a leopard”. It expresses the hope for the child to grow up to be brave, courageous and fight for what is just. The name denotes bravery, strength and fierceness like that of a leopard.

Jabari Name Origin

The name Jabari originated from either Swahili or Hausa origins in Africa. Names with meaning related to strength, bravery and courage are common in different African cultures.

Jabari Name Gender

Jabari is predominantly used as a masculine name, rarely used for females.

Jabari Name Pronunciation

The correct pronunciation of Jabari is juh-bah-ree with the stress on the first syllable.

Jabari Name Popularity

Jabari is not a very common African name. It has gained more popularity in recent decades especially within the African-American community.

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