Jayden Name Meaning in Hebrew and Bible

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Jayden Name Meaning in Hebrew

The name Jayden likely does not have a Hebrew meaning or origin. It came into use relatively recently and seems to be of English language origins.

Jayden Name Meaning in Bible

There are no characters in the Bible named Jayden. The name does not appear to have any direct biblical meaning.

Spiritual Meaning of The Name Jayden

Without a clear Hebrew or biblical origin, the name Jayden likely does not have an inherent spiritual meaning in Christianity. However, many parents choose names for the spiritual values and characteristics they hope their children will embody.

Jayden Name Popularity

Jayden became a popular name for baby boys in the U.S. and U.K. starting in the 1990s. It remains in the top 20 most popular boys names currently.

Common Nicknames

  • Jay
  • JD

Famous People Named Jayden

  • Jayden Smith (actor)
  • Jayden Brailey (rugby league player)
  • Jayden Stockley (soccer player)


What religion is the name Jayden?

The name Jayden likely does not have any specific religious origins or associations.

What nationality is the name Jayden from?

Jayden appears to have originated as an English name, becoming popular in English speaking countries like the U.S. and U.K.

What does Jayden mean?

The meaning of the name Jayden is uncertain, though it is likely derived from the similar sounding name Jaiden or Jason.

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