John Name Meaning in Bible

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The name John is very popular. The name comes from the Hebrew word Yohanan, which means graced by God. The name John is biblical. The name John is very popular among English language users.

John Name Meaning in Bible

John Name Meaning in Bible

John Name Meaning in Bible – graced by God, favored by God.

John Name Details in Bible

John name lucky numbers, lucky days and some information about John name from the Bible.

Meaninggraced by God, favored by God
Name Length4 Letters 1 Word
Short NameYes
Modern NameYes
Lucky Number2
Lucky ColorYellow
Lucky DayThursday and Monday
Good SideNorth-east direction
Lucky StonesTopaz
Lucky MetalsCopper

John Name Popularity

The name John is very popular in United States and England. According to a 2014 data, 14,323,797 boys worldwide use this name, and the name John is ranked 12 in the world. Countries with highest number of boys named John:

  1. United States = 5,450,646 People, 1 Rank.
  2. England = 1,127,023 People, 2 Rank.
  3. Nigeria = 924,831 People, 16 Rank.
  4. Uganda = 736,755 People, 1 Rank.
  5. Philippines = 661,521 People, 3 Rank.
  6. Kenya = 490,800 People, 1 Rank.
  7. Canada = 479,068 People, 1 Rank.
  8. Tanzania = 330,263 People, 8 Rank.
  9. Australia = 262,305 People, 2 Rank.
  10. Ghana = 261,095 People, 11 Rank.

What is the personality of name John

Boys named John are very strong mentally. They can show their power anywhere. Can easily blend in with anyone. They always want to be on top.

They can be given the responsibility of any work. Completes all those tasks with responsibility. They can come out of any problem with their intelligence. They want to be artists. They are very thoughtful.

They manage situations by ‘acting’ well from time to time. These boys have the potential to become leaders of the organization in the future. Since their mental strength is very high, they can easily overcome any obstacle. At some point laziness also consumes them. As a result, their work becomes difficult.

John Name popular person

  1. John Lennon (Singer-songwriter)
  2. John F. Kennedy (35th U.S. President)
  3. John Cena (American professional wrestler)
  4. John Madden (American footballer)
  5. John Krasinski (American writer)
  6. John Travolta (American actor, singer, dancer)
  7. John Wayne Gacy (American serial killer)
  8. John Candy (Canadian actor)
  9. John Cho (American actor)
  10. John Carpenter (American film director)

Similar Names

Evan, Eoin, Evandro, Evaristo, Ewan, Giannis, Giovanni, Hanan, Hans, Hovhannes, Ian, Iban, Ieuan, Ioan, Ioane, Ioannis, Ivan, Iven, Ifan, Jaan, Jack, Jackson, Jan, Jane, Janez, Janos, Jean, Jhon, Joan, João, Johan /Johann, Johanan, Johannes, Jon, Jovan, Juan, Juhani, Sean, Shane, Siôn, Yahya, Yehya, Yehia, Yannis, Younan, Yohannes, Yunus.


Does the name John mean gift from God?

‘gift from God’ is not the meaning of the name John. The name John is of Hebrew origin meaning ‘graced by God’, ‘favored by God’.

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