How to Pronounce Khazad-Dum? (CORRECTLY)

Khazad-Dum, also known as Moria, is a famous underground kingdom in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Pronouncing the name Khazad-Dum might seem intimidating at first, especially with its unique combination of sounds, but once you grasp the phonetic transcription, it becomes much easier to say.

To pronounce Khazad-Dum, let’s break down the name into two parts: Khazad and Dum.

1. Khazad:
– The “Kh” sound at the beginning of Khazad is similar to the “ch” sound in the word “loch.”
– Follow it up with the “a” sound, as in “cat.”
– The “z” sound is pronounced as it is in the English alphabet.
– For “a” this time, imagine the sound of “uh,” like in the word “sun.”
– The final “d” is pronounced like the “d” in the word “dog.”

Putting it all together, Khazad is pronounced as “KHA-zad.”

2. Dum:
– The “D” sound is like in the word “dog.”
– The “u” sound in Dum is similar to the sound in the word “put.”
– Lastly, the “m” sound is like in “mom.”

Now, let’s combine both parts and say Khazad-Dum: “KHA-zad-DUM.”

Remember to emphasize the “KHA” part of the name, as it carries more stress. The rest of the syllables, “zad” and “DUM,” remain relatively unstressed.

As intimidating or unfamiliar as it may appear, the more you practice saying Khazad-Dum, the easier it becomes. Tolkien’s Middle-earth contains numerous memorable names, and mastering their pronunciation can enhance your enjoyment of his work.

So, impress your fellow fantasy fans with your accurate pronunciation of Khazad-Dum. Mastering its unique sounds will not only make you sound like an expert but also add depth to your understanding of the dwarven kingdom hidden beneath the Misty Mountains.

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