Mahima Name Meaning: Rashi, Lucky Number, Lucky Color.

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  • Gender: Female
  • Meaning: Greatness
  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Rashi: Cancer
  • Lucky Number: 5
  • Lucky Colors: Orange
  • Lucky Stone: Coral
  • Lucky Material: Shell
  • Lucky Day: Thursday

Mahima is a Sanskrit word that means greatness or magnificence. People with the name Mahima are believed to possess natural charisma and leadership abilities, drawing admiration and respect from all around them. It also conveys a sense of spiritual wisdom and a deep understanding of life’s mysteries. As such, those carrying this name tend to exhibit extraordinary intelligence, creativity, and artistry and are often destined for success in fields requiring strategic thinking, public speaking, and problem solving. While they radiate confidence and authority, their compassionate nature allows them to connect easily with others, inspiring hope, faith, and trust wherever they go.

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