Mikail: Islamic Name Meaning and Personality

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What does mean the name Mikail?

The Muslim boy name Mikail means “who is like God?”

Mikail  Name Personality.

A boy named Mikail likely possesses virtuous qualities that resemble divine attributes. He may be kind, generous, patient, wise and courageous – reflecting some of the divine qualities praised in Islam. Mikail suggests a noble spirit and high ideals.

The name Mikail also implies faithfulness and devotion to God. Wanting to be “like God” points to a desire to develop spiritually and grow closer to Allah through good character and dutiful worship. An Mikail likely takes his faith seriously and strives to obey and please God in his thoughts, words and deeds.

For parents seeking a name that represents virtues like good character, faithfulness and a desire to develop godly qualities, Mikail is a fitting choice. It conveys spiritual aspiration and the attainment of inner peace and closeness to Allah through cultivating divine-like attributes within oneself.


In summary, Mikail is a beautiful Muslim boy name meaning “who is like God?”. It signifies a noble spirit in its namesake who aspires to develop virtuous qualities that resemble the attributes of Allah – kindness, wisdom, justice, mercy, forgiveness and so on. Mikail reflects a devoted nature that seeks to draw near to God through sincere worship, righteous actions and noble character. Spiritual growth and closeness to the divine are at the heart of a boy named Mikail’s purpose in life.

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