Moumita Name Meaning

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moumita name come from sanskrit. it mean sweet friend. it form from two words ‘mou’ mean sweet and ‘mita’ meaning moumita name meaning is sweet friend. it show character of being kind,caring and sweet nature to other.

moumita name symbolise person who is very sweet and loving towards other.who treat everyone as friend. person with moumita name have qualities like- helpful,caring,kind,sweet nature, gentle soul.

moumita name also indicate that girl who is name moumita will be good and sweet friend to everyone around her. she will be kind and caring toward her friend. she will have generous nature and willing to help other.parents who choose moumita name for thier daughter hope she develop these good qualities.

girl name moumita show she have positive enerjy and sweet diposition.she will spread happiness around with her sweet and loving nature. people feel relax and happy to be around her. her sweet and caring attitude toward other make her popular and everyonelike her.

moumita name represent girl who have ability to bring smile on everyone face with her sweet and loving nature. she will treat every relastionship as sweet friendship. her sweet and caring atitude make her ideal daughter,sister and friend for everyone. so moumita name meaning ‘sweet friend’ describe perfecty nature and qualities indicate by this beautiful name.

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