Names like Oliver with Meaning and Origin [50+ names]

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Names like Oliver
1ThomasMale A TwinGreek
2EdwardMale Wealthy GuardianEnglish
3NathanMaleHe GaveHebrew
4JosephMaleGod Will IncreaseHebrew
5AdamMaleMan, Of The EarthHebrew
7ElliotNeutralThe Lord Is My GodEnglish
8ChristopherNeutralThe Lord Is My GodEnglish
9OwenMale Christ-bearerGreek
10OscarMale Deer LoverIrish
11AndrewMale ManlyGreek
12CallumMale DoveScottish
13TheodoreMale Gift Of God, Divine GiftGreek
14DavidMale BelovedHebrew
15AlexNeutral Defender Of The PeopleEnglish
16AlexanderMale Defender Of The PeopleGreek
17WilliamMale Will, Desire And Helmet, ProtectionEnglish
18NicholasMale Victory Of The PeopleGreek
19BenjaminMale Son Of My Right HandHebrew
20MatthewMale Gift Of GodEnglish
21JohnMale God Is GraciousHebrew
22JamesNeutral SupplanterHebrew
23RobertMale Bright FameEnglish
24RichardMale Brave RulerEnglish
25AlfieMale CounselorEnglish
26MaxMale GreatestLatin
27CharlieNeutral Free ManEnglish
28SamuelMale His Name Is GodHebrew
29JacobMale SupplanterHebrew
Son Of HarryEnglish
31DanielMale (Only) God Is My JudgeHebrew
32JulianNeutral Youthful, DownyLatin
33TobyNeutral God Is GoodEnglish
34JacksonMale Son Of Jack/JohnEnglish
35HarryMale Army RulerEnglish
36PeterMale RockGreek
37RaymondMale Counsel ProtectionEnglish
38NoahMale Rest, PeaceHebrew
39JackMale God Is GraciousEnglish
40LukeMale Person From LucaniaGreek
41SimonMale God Has HeardHebrew
42CharlesMale Free ManEnglish
43BenMale Short Form Of Benjamin Or BenedictHebrew
44MichaelMale Who Is Like God?Hebrew
45GeorgeMale FarmerGreek
46LewisMale Famed WarriorEnglish
47HenryMale Ruler Of The HomeGerman
48PatrickMale NoblemanEnglish
49SamNeutral Short Form Of Samuel Or SamanthaEnglish
50JakeMale SupplanterHebrew
51LiamMale With Gilded HelmetIrish
52ElliottMale The Lord Is My GodEnglish
53SolomonMale Peaceful OneHebrew
54IsaacMale He Will LaughHebrew
55EthanMale Firm, StrongHebrew
56LeoMale LionLatin
57JoshuaMale God Is My SalvationHebrew
58LucasMale From Lucania, Italy
59LouisMale Famed WarriorGerman
60AaronMale Exalted, StrongHebrew

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