Nathan Name Meaning in Bible

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The name nathan is derived from the word natan. The name nathan is used as a boy’s name. Nathan name is popular in United States, Brazil, England, Uganda, Australia. The name nathan is biblical. Nathan is the name of a prophet from the Old Testament.

Nathan Name Meaning in Bible

Nathan Name Meaning in Bible

The name Nathan is of Hebrew origin. And the name nathan is biblical. Nathan Name Meaning in Bible – Gift of God, God has given.

Nathan Name Details in Bible

Nathan name lucky numbers, lucky days and some information about Nathan name from the Bible.

MeaningGift of God, God has given
Name Length6 Letters 1 Word
Short NameNo
Modern NameYes
Lucky Number2
Lucky ColorGreen
Lucky DayWednesday
Good SideWest side
Lucky StonesEmerald
Lucky MetalsBronze

Nathan Name Popularity

The name Nathan is very popular in United States and Brazil. According to a 2014 data, 637,189 boys worldwide use this name, and the name Nathan is ranked 1,543 in the world. Countries with highest number of boys named Nathan:

  1. United States = 294,582 People, 266 Rank.
  2. Brazil = 41,390 People, 697 Rank.
  3. England = 41,131 People, 266 Rank.
  4. Uganda = 40,060 People, 180 Rank.
  5. Australia = 31,291 People, 96 Rank.
  6. Kenya = 18,790 People, 454 Rank.
  7. Canada = 16,523 People, 415 Rank.
  8. Nigeria = 13,463 People, 1,584 Rank.
  9. Rwanda = 10,152 People, 240 Rank.
  10. DR Congo = 9,895 People, 832 Rank.

What is The Personality of Name Nathan

Boys named Nathan always indulge in freedom and imagination. They are very good at work. Boys named Nathan are very brave. Understanding their mind is not so easy. But their mind is very good.

They always talk right, so many people don’t like them. It doesn’t matter to them. Being somewhat intelligent, they tend to be detectives. They imagine too much. No one’s words change their decision.

They always want to keep themselves independent. And likes to be independent. They are a bit quarrelsome. They don’t like to lock themselves into a certain routine. Sometimes they become violent. As a result of which falls into trouble when then.

Nathan Name Popular Person

  1. Nathan Eovaldi (Baseball pitcher)
  2. Nathan Fillion (Canadian actor)
  3. Nathan Chen (American figure skater)
  4. Nathan Cleary (Rugby league scrum half)
  5. Nathan Cavaleri (Australian singer)
  6. Nathan Adrian (American swimmer)
  7. Nathan Aké (Dutch football player)
  8. Nathan Peterman (American football quarterback)
  9. Nathan Kress (American actor)
  10. Nathan Ellis (Australian cricketer)

Similar Names

Matthew, James, Caleb, Evan, Daniel, Luke, Alex, Robert, Jacob, Kyle, Ben, Austin, Joshua, Brandon, William, Jake, Ryan, Christopher, Jordan, Jack, Andrew, Tyler, Isaac, Joel, Aaron, Samuel, Nick, Liam, David, Zachary, Dylan, Sam, Michael, Ethan, Mozes, Cameron, Nicholas, Joseph, Jeremy, Salomon, Noah, Jonathan, Brian, Steven, Benjamin, John, Timothy, Sean, Adam, Josh, Eric, Abraham, Justin, Lucas, Anthony, Kevin, Jason, Thomas, Mark, Jared.


What is the full meaning of Nathan?

The name Nathan comes from the Hebrew language which means Gift of God, God has given. The name Nathan is very beautiful.

What is the name Nathan in Hebrew?

The name Nathan is derived from the Hebrew word Natan. The meaning of the name Nathan in Hebrew is to reward or to give something.

What does the Bible say about Nathan?

It is known from the Bible that God sent two prophets named Nathan to the world for the good of mankind.

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