Nathan Name Meaning in Hebrew and Bible

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Nathan Name Meaning in Hebrew

The name Nathan comes from the Hebrew name נָתָן meaning “gift”. In the Bible, Nathan refers to several prophets and wise men.

Nathan Name Meaning in Bible

The most well known Nathan in the Bible is the prophet Nathan who confronted King David about his sin with Bathsheba. Nathan played an important role in teaching David the meaning of true repentance.

Spiritual Meaning of The Name Nathan

Those with the name Nathan often have gifts of compassion, wisdom and spiritual insight. They tend to be level-headed, reasonable and gifted counselors or advisors. The name Nathan also signifies someone who brings hope, comfort and encouragement to others.

Nathan Name Popularity

Nathan has been a consistently popular name for boys for decades, particularly among Christian families who value its biblical origins.

Common Nicknames

  • Nat  
  • Nate     
  • Nathaniel

Famous People Named Nathan

  • Nathan Lane (actor)
  • Nathan Deal (former Governor of Georgia)
  • Nathan Fillion (actor)


What religion is the name Nathan?

Nathan is a Hebrew name with Jewish and Christian origins.

What nationality is the name Nathan from?

The name Nathan originates from Hebrew and is most commonly used in English speaking countries.

What does Nathan mean?

Nathan means “gift” in Hebrew, referring to someone who is a blessing and brings wisdom, hope and comfort to others.

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