Neha Name Meaning

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The name Neha is widely known among Indian cultures, but its origins have been subject to various interpretations throughout history. Hindu mythology associates it with Lord Indra’s daughter, who was the sister of Garuda (the deity of wind). Interestingly, several Sanskrit dictionaries define Neha as ‘to attract’ or ‘be attractive.’ Another interpretation comes from Buddhism, wherein Gautama Buddha’s mother Mayadevi was also addressed as Mahamayadevi, which translates to Neha. These spiritual connections highlight the importance of attraction in human lives. Whether it’s celestial forces drawing individuals towards their paths or earthly attractions bringing humans together, the essence lies within this single syllable. Thus, parents choosing Neha for their offspring recognise the power of enticing energies and aim to nurture beautiful souls that exude charm, allure, and positive vibes into the world.

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