Nyra Name Meaning in Sanskrit | Nyra नाम का अर्थ संस्कृत में

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Nyra Name Meaning in Sanskrit. Read the article to know the meaning of the name Nyra in Sanskrit.

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There are many more important facts about the name Nyra, they are written in this article, which is very important to know.

Nyra Name Meaning in Sanskrit

Has a new member of your family been born? Thinking of using her name Nyra? Or your friend or your name is Nyra? Do you want to know the meaning of the name Nyra for him? So let’s see if the name Nyra means much more.

Nyra Name Meaning in Sanskrit

The name Nyra is very beautiful and good. The name Nyra is very popular in India.

Nyra Name Meaning in Sanskrit – beauty of Saraswati. सरस्वती की शोभा

Nyra Name Brief Description

अर्थसरस्वती की शोभा
लघु नामआम्‌
नाम लम्बाई4 अक्षराणि 1 शब्दः
भाग्यशाली नम्बर5
भाग्यशाली दिवसबुधवारः
भाग्यशाली रंगहरित
गुड साइडपश्चिम पक्ष
भाग्यशाली पत्थरपन्ना
भाग्यशाली धातुःकांस्यम्
Meaningbeauty of Saraswati
Short NameYes
Name Length4 Letters 1 Word
/ Numerology
Lucky DaysWednesday
Lucky ColorsGreen
Good SideWest side
Lucky StonesEmerald
Lucky MetalsBronze


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Nyra name meaning

beauty of Saraswati

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