Olufemi: Name Meaning, Origin, and Pronunciation

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  • Name: Olufemi
  • Meaning: “The Lord/God loves me” or “God has loved me”
  • Gender: Male
  • Origin: Yoruba
  • Pronunciation: oh-loo-feh-mee

Olufemi is a traditional African name of Yoruba origin. It means “The Lord/God loves me” or “God has loved me”. The name Olufemi refers to a person whom God specially loves. It comes from the words ‘Olu’ meaning ‘The Lord/God’ and ‘Femi’ meaning ‘Loves me’ in the Yoruba language spoken mainly in Nigeria.

The name Olufemi has a deep spiritual meaning that celebrates God’s love. It consists of 4 syllables with an easy pronunciation. The first syllable ‘O’ is pronounced like ‘oh’, the second ‘lu’ like ‘loo’, the third ‘fe’ like ‘fay’ and the last ‘mi’ like ‘mee’. The overall sound of Olufemi is smooth and friendly.

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