Oluwaseyi: Name Meaning, Origin, and Pronunciation

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  • Name: Oluwaseyi
  • Meaning: God knows everything
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Origin: Yoruba
  • Pronunciation: oh-loo-wah-say-yee

Oluwaseyi is a Yoruba name from Nigeria, meaning ‘God knows everything’. The name Oluwaseyi comprises the elements Oluwa meaning ‘God’ and seyi meaning ‘he knows’. Oluwaseyi reflects the belief in Yoruba spiritual religion that God is omniscient and knows all. It highlights the hope and faith Yoruba people have in God.

The pronunciation of Oluwaseyi can be challenging for non Yoruba speakers, with the accent on the first syllable ‘Olu’. It is pronounced /’o.lu.wə.’se.ji/ with the ‘w’ more like a ‘wh’ sound and the ‘ey’ like a long ‘e’.

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