Owais: Islamic Name Meaning and Personality

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What does mean the name Owais?

Owais is an Arabic name for boys which means embodiment of justice. It refers to someone who personifies truthfulness, fairness and righteousness.

Owais Name Personality.

A boy named Owais would likely possess qualities of justice, integrity and moral uprightness. He would behave in a manner that is seen as fair, honest and impartial. Owais is a name that inspires notions of truthfulness, righteousness and doing the right thing.

A boy named Owais would probably face moral dilemmas in life with wisdom, objectivity and a desire to uphold what is just and fair. Rather than acting selfishly, he is likely to consider the rights and needs of others and act accordingly. Owais instills the virtues of justice, fairness and truthfulness.

In general, a boy with the name Owais would represent righteousness, integrity and justice in human form. He would behave in a way that favors what is morally right over what is personally beneficial. Owais signifies a strong character founded on principles of equity, objectivity and impartiality.


In short, the meaning behind Owais as a boy’s name represents embodiment of truth, justice and righteousness. It signifies a person who personifies fairness, integrity, impartiality and moral uprightness. Owais is thus an honorable name that inspires one to uphold what is just and fair, even at personal cost.

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