Preeti Name Meaning: Rashi, Lucky Number, Personality

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Preeti Name Astrology

Information Description
Gender Female
Meaning Love, Affection, Goodwill
Origin Sanskrit
Rashi Vrishabha (Taurus)
Lucky Number 6
Lucky Colour Pink
Lucky Stone Diamond
Lucky Material Silver
Lucky Day Friday
Lucky Side East
preeti name meaning

Preeti Name Meaning

Preeti is a gorgeous Hindu female given name originating in India, where it symbolises love, affection, amusement, charm, beauty, and tenderness. It signifies something pleasing or agreeable to the senses, often translated as “love,” “pleasure,” or “affection.” Likewise, its variants, Preethi, Poorni, Purvi, Reethi, Reva, Ritu, Seema, Sheela, Vedika, Vijaya, etc., convey similar meanings, showcasing the depth and complexity of the rich cultural heritage behind these vibrant appellations. Each distinctive moniker embodies unique traits deserving recognition and celebration.

Preeti Name Personality

Affectionate: With its roots in love and affection, Preeti may indicate someone who values close relationships and expresses warm feelings easily. They may enjoy nurturing others through tender actions and words.

Charming: A charming demeanor could describe a delightful personality trait of someone named Preeti, suggesting they possess an inherent attractiveness that captivates others without effort.

Attractive: Complementary to the notion of being charming, Preeti may imply physical appeal or grace that draws admiration from observers, making social interactions pleasant.

Tactile: Given their association with sensory pleasure, Preetis might appreciate touch and be skilled at using nonverbal communication effectively. Such intuitive connections build deeper connections between themselves and others.


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