Priyanka Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity, Religion

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The name Priyanka is derived from the ancient Sanskrit language. Hindus and Buddhists use this name. The name Priyanka is very popular in India. And one of the popular actresses in India is Priyanka Chopra.

The name Priyanka is used as a name for girls. A Tamil drama film titled Priyanka was produced in 1994. And in 2016 another Kannada drama film called Priyanka was made.

Priyanka Neme Meaning

Priyanka Name Meaning

The name Priyanka is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Priyankera’ or ‘Priyankara’. The name Priyanka is very good. And like the name Priyanka, the meaning of name Priyanka is very beautiful. Priyanka Name Meaning – amiable, lovable.

  • amiable = Friendly nature, kind nature.
  • lovable = Someone worthy of love.

Priyanka Name Details

Meaningamiable, lovable
Name Length8 Letters 1 Word
Short NameNo
Modern NameYes
Lucky Number5
Lucky ColorGreen
Lucky DayWednesday
Good SideWest side
Lucky StonesEmerald
Lucky MetalsBronze

Priyanka Name Popularity

The name Priyanka is very popular in India. According to a 2014 data, 1,014,352 girls worldwide use this name, and the name Priyanka is ranked 874 in the world. Countries with highest number of girls named Priyanka:

  1. India = 952,124 People, 104 Rank.
  2. Bangladesh = 35,375 People, 633 Rank.
  3. Sri Lanka = 16,310 People, 243 Rank.
  4. United States = 2,840 People, 5,259 Rank.
  5. Poland = 1,178 People, 999 Rank.
  6. England = 1,163 People, 2,288 Rank.
  7. Canada = 730 People, 3,089 Rank.
  8. Saudi Arabia = 583 People, 6,182 Rank.
  9. Oman = 504 People, 1,040 Rank.
  10. Australia = 443 People, 1,811 Rank.

What is the personality of name Priyanka

Girls named Priyanka are very eager to learn new things. They prefer to keep any power to themselves. They do not share their thoughts with anyone.

They have a lot of knowledge. They have a lot of desire to know about any subject, so they are very knowledgeable. They have a great desire to learn any subject for their own interest. Among them there is a desire to become a teacher. And they are willing to do any government job.

Girls named Priyanka have faith in God. Girls named Priyanka complete any task very thoughtfully and coolly. They are very quiet. They like to convince someone about anything. They judge all matters with all their intelligence.

There are many girls named Priyanka in the world, some of them love to be alone. And they don’t get along with everyone. They don’t like everyone. They don’t like going to any event and crowds of people. There is some selfishness in them. Some girls with the name Priyanka have these characteristics.

Priyanka Name popular person

  • Priyanka Chopra (Indian actress, producer, model and singer)
  • Priyanka Arul Mohan (Indian actress)
  • Priyanka Gandhi Vadra (Indian politician)
  • Priyanka Chaturvedi (Indian politician)
  • Priyanka Goswami (Indian athlete)
  • Priyanka (drag queen) (Canadian drag queen)
  • Priyanka Dutt (Indian film producer)
  • Priyanka Yoshikawa (Japanese female model)
  • Priyanka Phogat (Indian female wrestler)

Similar Names

Payal, Sonali, Seema, Sheetal, Pooja, Parul, Priti, Jyoti, Anjana, Nikita, Nisha, Rashmi, Preeti, Prerna, Shikha, Yamini, Neha, Poonam, Garima, Amrita, Divya, Monika, Varsha , Swathi, Ankita, Radhika, Renuka, Sneha, Pallavi, Aditi, Sarika, Diksha, Anushka, Sowjanya, Archana, Kanika, Anjali, Deepika, Shweta, Ruchi,Nidhi, Aishwarya, Divisha, Sharvari, Priya, Swati, Ramya, Komal, Pravallika, Shruti, Ritu, Roshni, Prajakta, Shivani, Deepti, Pinky, Manisha, Mansi, Prerana, Sandhya


Is Priyanka name Lucky?

Yes, Priyanka is a lucky name. Because, this name means friendly or loving. Girls named Priyanka live a very happy life and they are also very lucky. So the name Priyanka can undoubtedly be called a lucky name.

What is the lucky Colour of name Priyanka?

Priyanka is a Hindu name, and the Rashi of this name is Kanya Rashi, according to which the auspicious color of the name Priyanka is Green.

Is the name Priyanka Indian?

Priyanka is an Indian name. The name Priyanka is derived from the ancient Indian Sanskrit word ‘Priyankera’ or ‘Priyankara’. This name is popular in many countries of the world.

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