Rihan Name Meaning in Arabic

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Rihan is an Arabic name for boys that means fragrant, aromatic or sweet-scented. The name Rihan comes from the Arabic root R-H-N which means scent, aroma or fragrance. Parents choose this name for their sons hoping they will grow up to be like the fragrant and aromatic Rihan herb that is greatly valued for its sweet smell. In Arabic culture, a pleasant scent signifies noble qualities like purity, wisdom and spirituality. So by giving this name, parents wish their son to embody those noble qualities and spread kindness and tranquility like the sweet fragrance of the rihan herb. The name Rihan also has a gentle yet memorable sound with the ‘r’ and ‘h’ consonant sounds and the soft ‘an’ ending. Overall, Rihan is a meaningful and beautiful Arabic name that expresses the hope of parents for their son to grow up to be a person of virtue, wisdom and spirituality – someone whose very presence brings comfort, peace and joy to others just like the sweet fragrance of Rihan.

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