Riya: Name Meaning, Rashi, Lucky Number, and Personality

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Although the name Riya is used all over India, it is slightly more used as a name for Bengali Hindu girls. And the biggest reason for choosing the name Riya is that it is a very beautiful and modern styling name. One thing you will notice is that girls named Riya are always very beautiful.

Riya Name Meaning

Riya Name Meaning

The name Riya is very beautiful and girls with the name Riya are also very beautiful. And like the name Riya, the meaning of the name Riya is very beautiful. Riya Name Meaning – Rich, Gem, Goddess Lakshmi, Graceful, Singer, A female singer of great grace.

  • Rich = Who has a lot of wealth.
  • Gem = Jewels, precious things, very dear.
  • Goddess Lakshmi = God of wealth.
  • Graceful = Generous, auspicious, favourable, kind, admirable, acceptable.
  • Singer = Whose voice has many melodies.
  • A female singer of great grace = The girl who sings for peace.

Riya Name Details

MeaningRich, Gem, Goddess Lakshmi, Graceful, Singer, A female singer of great grace
Name Length4 Letters 1 Word
Short NameYes
Modern NameYes
Lucky Number8
Lucky ColorWhite
Lucky DayFriday
Good SideWest Side
Lucky StonesDiamonds
Lucky MetalsCopper

Riya Name Popularity

The name Riya is very popular in India and Bangladesh. According to a 2014 data, 108,447 girls worldwide use this name, and the name Riya is ranked 9,471 in the world. Countries with highest number of girls named Riya:

  1. India = 73,701 People, 2,311 Rank.
  2. Bangladesh = 22,362 People, 932 Rank.
  3. Indonesia = 7,013 People, 4,837 Rank.
  4. United Arab Emirates = 748 People, 1,069 Rank.
  5. Japan = 600 People, 7,086 Rank.
  6. Nepal = 544 People, 3,696 Rank.
  7. United States = 371 People, 20,672 Rank.
  8. Saudi Arabia = 350 People, 9,509 Rank.
  9. Poland = 330 People, 2,410 Rank.
  10. Fiji = 259 People, 924 Rank.

What is the personality of name Riya

Girls named Riya always want to do something new. They move towards their goals with new ideas. They always like to keep power in their hands no matter what the situation. They are successful in this work.

They complete any work with great importance. And they are very hardworking. Girls named Riya are very confident. They are always confident to get themselves out of any bad situation. Their will power is very strong and through this power they can overcome any obstacles. Riya girls do not believe in any old stereotypes.

Girls named Riya can be trusted as wives. Girls with this name are not romantic. They easily win the hearts of any people for their work. And everyone loves them. They give very good leadership. Their intelligence and diplomacy are extreme. Sometimes they have to face many dangers due to their extreme anger.

Riya Name popular person

  • Riya Sen (Riya Sen is an Indian actress and model)

Similar Names

Diya, Anjali, Anika, Anushka, Richa, Pooja, Juhi, Cheyanne, Shreya, Masoom, Jahanavi, Megha, Priya, Reema, Prachi, Ruhi, Neha, Ritu, Tanvi, Jaya, Khushi, Maya, Mitali, Aditi, Divya, Nidhi, Nikita, Ridhi, Siya, Naiya, Aarchi, Saniya, Ritika, Shriya, Ruchi, Ananya, Disha, Riddhi, Priyanka, Aashni, Isha, Reeba, Eesha, Subi, Simran, Risha, Kamya, Purva, Shivani, Jiya, Reenu, Prisha, Reet, Sonal, Mansi, Sloka, Rincy, Arya, Kajal, Chandani.


Is Riya a good name?

Riya is a very good name. Many girls in India and Bangladesh are named Riya. There are around 108,447 girls named Riya around the world. Feel free to use the name Riya for your baby girl.

What is lucky Colour of Riya?

Riya is a Hindu name, and the Rashi of this name is Tula Rashi, according to which the auspicious color of the name Riya is White.

Which god name is Riya?

Riya is the name of Hindu Goddess Lakshmi. The name Riya is derived from the sacred language Sanskrit. The goddess of wealth is also called Riya.

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