Saras Name Meaning: Rashi, Lucky Number, Lucky Color.

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  • Name Gender : Female
  • Name Meaning : Attractiveness, Lake
  • Origin : Sanskrit
  • Rashi : Kumbha/Aquarius (G, S, Sh)
  • Lucky Numbers : 5
  • Lucky Colors : Red , Green
  • Lucky Stones : Ruby ,Emerald,Diamond
  • Lucky Materials : Gold
  • Lucky Days: Tuesday & Thursday

Saras name meaning can refer to multiple meanings depending on the language. In Sanskrit, Saras means lake, indicating a calm and serene individual. In Hindi, it translates into essence or extract suggesting a refined personality. In ancient Greek mythology, there were seven sisters known as the Pleiades constellation, of whom Alcyone was the central one, commonly denoted by the star cluster “Sarros” depicting brightness and radiance in darkness. Therefore, people with this name exude charm and elegance. With multi-dimensional interpretations, anyone could identify their unique self through this name, thus making Saras truly versatile and beautiful.

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