Shakil Name Meaning in Arabic

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Shakil is an Arabic name for males meaning ‘generous’ and ‘bountiful’. It comes from the Arabic root word ‘شَكَلَ’ which means ‘to give generously, to bestow lavishly’. A boy named Shakil is said to possess a liberal and open-hearted spirit of benevolence and charity. The name Shakil signifies the virtue of giving freely without reservation or conditions. It represents the high Islamic value placed on openhandedness and the nobility that comes from generosity of spirit. For his parents, naming their son Shakil expresses their wish that he grows to embody qualities of magnanimity and liberality towards others. Overall, Shakil is a beautiful Arabic name with a deep moral significance that highlights the importance of showing goodness through giving bountifully to those in need. The name serves as a constant reminder for its bearer to nurture that gracious and charitable attitude within.

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