Shyam Name Meaning

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  • Gender: Male
  • Meaning: Black/Shadow
  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Rashi : Kumbha/Aquarius (G, S, Sh)
  • Lucky Numbers : 6
  • Lucky colours: Grey,Black and Yellow
  • Lucky Stones: Hematite and Leopard Skin Jasper
  • Lucky Material: Coal
  • Best days : Sunday and Saturday
  • Lucky side: North West

Shyam has multiple meanings; it could be derived from Sanskrit meaning “black” or “shadow” and another source states that it is a variant of the name Shama, which further comes from Sanskrit meaning “dignified”. The name was used in mythology as one of Lord Krishna’s many names, hence adding religious significance. This masculine name has gained popularity across India due to its simplicity and profound meaning. Those who bear this name may find themselves having a strong presence and influence over others without even realising it. Despite being easygoing and approachable, people with this name have high self-esteem and determination, making them successful in any task they set out for. With attributes like these, there is no doubt why the name holds significant value among parents looking for baby boy names.

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