Sneha Name Meaning (Astrology, Rashi, Lucky Number, and Personality)

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sneha name meaning

Sneha Name Meaning 

Sneha is a very beautiful name which is most popular in the Hindi language. The name means “love” or “respect”. This name is very suitable for Hindu girls.

Sneha Name Astrology 

Sneha Name Zodiac Sign (Rashi) 

 Sneha’s zodiac sign is Gemini(Mithun Rashi) and its ruling planet is Mercury. Mercury is the symbol of wisdom, knowledge, discretion, eloquence and intelligence. Person with name Sneha are intelligent, judicious, knowledgeable and sensitive. These people must be very eager to express their intelligence and ideology.

Gemini Name Lucky Number 

 The lucky number of Sneha is 5. This number symbolizes freedom, adaptability, expression, eagerness for new beginnings in life and thoughtfulness. Person named Sneha should be conscious of their freedom and expression.

Sneha Name Personality 

 Person with name Sneha have a personality of harmony, sensitivity, understanding, faithfulness and self-esteem. The mind of these people is very sensitive and they are always ready to help others in pain and suffering. Person with name Sneha relate to others easily and are able to solve their friends’ problems because of their understanding and trustworthiness.


 The meaning of name Sneha is “love” or “respect”. The zodiac sign of this name is Gemini(Mithun Rashi) and its ruling planet is Mercury. Person with name Sneha have qualities of goodwill, sensitivity, understanding, faithfulness and self-esteem. With their independence and intelligence, Sneha is constantly enthusiastic and knowledgeable about life.

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