Prashant Name Meaning (Origin, Lucky Number & Rashi)

Hello friend, Is your name Prashant? If so, then by reading this post you will know a lot of information about the name Prashant. Prashant Name Meaning Prashant is a good name for indian boys. And the name is used in South Asia. It is derived from the Sanskrit word “shanth” which means patience, calm, … Read more

Piyush: Name Meaning, (Rashi), (Popular Person)

Is your name Piyush? Or thinking of naming your son Piyush? If you like Piyush name then read this article to know some important information about Piyush name like Piyush name meaning, rashi, lucky number, etc. Piyush Name Meaning In order to become immortal, the Gods of Hinduism consumed a liquid called amrita. Amrita is … Read more