Tayyaba: Islamic Name Meaning and Personality

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What does mean the name Tayyaba?

Tayyaba is a beautiful Arabic name for girls which means good, virtuous or noble. It refers to a girl with positive qualities and virtuous characteristics.

Tayyaba Name Personality.

A girl named Tayyaba would likely possess good character traits and behave in a noble manner. She would be someone with a kind, compassionate and generous nature. Tayyaba is a name that inspires notions of nobility, virtue and goodness.

A girl named Tayyaba would probably see the good in others and bring out the best in people through her own positive attitude and uplifting demeanor. She is likely to impact those around her in a positive manner through her gracious, gentle and benevolent nature. Tayyaba instills good values and encourages virtue.

In general, a girl with the name Tayyaba would represent goodness, nobility and virtue in human form. She would behave and interact with others in a manner that is kind, considerate and compassionate. Tayyaba signifies a generous spirit and a benevolent heart.


In short, the meaning behind Tayyaba as a girl’s name represents all that is good, noble and virtuous. It signifies a girl who possesses positive qualities like kindness, generosity, compassion and benevolence. Tayyaba is thus a beautiful name that inspires one to be good and virtuous through words, thoughts and actions.

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