Tejaswini Name Meaning: Rashi, Lucky Number, Lucky Color.

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  • Gender: Female
  • Meaning: Brightness or Glow
  • Origin: Indian
  • Rashi: Libra (Tula)
  • Lucky Number: 6
  • Lucky Colour: Light Blue
  • Lucky Stone: Diamond
  • Lucky Material: Platinum
  • Lucky Day: Friday
  • Lucky Side: East

Tejaswini is an Indian female given name that means “brightness” or “glow”. In Hindu mythology, tejaswi refers to Lord Shiva. It is derived from Sanskrit word ‘teja’ which means bright and ‘swa’ meaning self. So together tejaswini means one who has brilliant inner self. This name also signifies purity, strength, spiritual growth, wisdom & enlightenment. It is considered as a symbol of power, energy and radiance by Indians.

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