Tumpa Name Meaning (Astrology, Rashi, Lucky Number, and Personality)

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Tumpa is a Bengali name that means “a musical instrument made of bamboo,” symbolizing joy and celebration in Bengali culture. People with this name are often creative, artistic, and intuitive, with a natural talent for music and dance. Tumpa has not ranked among the top 1000 names in the US. The name’s lucky number, colour, stone, material, day, and side are 3, yellow, topaz, gold, Thursday, and the right side, respectively. The zodiac sign associated with Tumpa is Pisces. Tumpas have a sensitive and compassionate personality, and they connect deeply with others. Some similar names for girls include Tumpi, Tumpu, Tumpika, and Tumphi. Common nicknames for Tumpa include Tumpy, Tumpi, and Tumu.

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