Uriah Name Meaning in Hebrew [משמעות השם Uriah]

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Uriah name meaning in hebrew

Uriah Name Meaning Hebrew

Uriah is a Hebrew name that is derived from the Hebrew word “uriyahu” which means “God is my light.” The name Uriah is mentioned in the Bible in the Old Testament, specifically in the book of 2 Samuel.

In the Bible, Uriah is the name of a soldier in King David’s army. He is best known for being the husband of Bathsheba, whom David desired and ultimately had an affair with, resulting in the birth of a child. David attempted to cover up the affair by bringing Uriah back from the battlefield and encouraging him to sleep with his wife, but Uriah refused, choosing to remain loyal to his comrades-in-arms. Ultimately, David ordered Uriah to be placed in the front line of battle, where he was killed.

The name Uriah has been used throughout history as a given name, and it has been borne by several notable individuals. The most famous Uriah is perhaps Uriah Heep, a character in Charles Dickens’ novel “David Copperfield.” He is depicted as a humble and hardworking young man who is taken advantage of by others.

Overall, the name Uriah has a strong connection to the Bible and carries the meaning of “God is my light.” The name is often associated with loyalty and faithfulness, as exemplified by Uriah the soldier’s unwavering commitment to his comrades-in-arms.

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