Yara Name Meaning in Hebrew [משמעות השם Yara]

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Yara name meaning in hebrew

Yara Name Meaning Hebrew

Yara is a feminine given name of Arabic origin, which means “small butterfly” or “water lady”. The name is derived from the Arabic word “yara” which is a reference to a small butterfly or a water nymph. The name has become popular in many cultures and countries, and it has different variations in different languages.

In Hebrew, the name Yara is translated to יארה (Yara), which is a Hebrew transliteration of the name. It is not a Hebrew name, but rather a name of Arabic origin that was adopted by the Jewish community.

The meaning of the name Yara in Hebrew reflects the meaning of the name in its original Arabic language. The name Yara is associated with the idea of beauty and delicacy, as it refers to a small butterfly, a creature that is considered beautiful and delicate. It is also associated with the idea of the water lady, which is a reference to the beauty and mystery of the water.

In Jewish tradition, the name Yara is often associated with the idea of purity and cleanliness. Many Jewish women throughout history who have been known for their purity and cleanliness have been given the name Yara as a sign of respect and admiration.

Overall, the name Yara has a beautiful and delicate meaning in Hebrew, reflecting the origins of the name in Arabic language and culture. The name is associated with the ideas of beauty, delicacy, purity, and cleanliness.

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