Zain Name Meaning in Urdu, Arabic/Islamic

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Zain Name Meaning in Urdu? Is Zain an Islamic name? Is Zain Quranic name? Zain Name Lucky Number?

Read the article to know the meaning of the name Zain in Urdu.

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  • Zain Name Meaning in Urdu
  • Zain Name Meaning in Arabic
  • Zain Name Meaning in Islamic
  • Zain Name Religion
  • Zain Name Origin
  • Zain Name Gender
  • Zain Name Rashi (Zodiac)
  • Zain Name Lucky Number
  • Zain Name Lucky Color
  • Zain Name Lucky Day
  • Zain Name Lucky Side
  • Zain Name Lucky Stones
  • Zain Name Lucky Metals

There is much more important information about Zain name that has been written in this article.

Zain Name Meaning in Urdu

Zain Name Meaning in Urdu

The name Zain is very beautiful and good. The name Zain is very popular in India, Pakistan, and various Muslim countries.

Zain Name Meaning in Urdu – beauty, grace خوبصورتی، فضل

Zain Name Meaning in Arabic/Islamic

Arabic is the sacred language of Islam. Zain is an Islamic name. The Arabic and Islamic meaning of the name Zain is beauty, grace.

Zain Name Details in Urdu

خوبصورتی، فضلمطلب
لڑکا صنف
5لکی نمبر
پیلالکی کلر
جمعرات اور پیرخوش قسمت دن
شمال مشرقی سمتلکی سائیڈ
پکھراجلکی اسٹونز
تانبالکی میٹلز

Zain Name Religion

Zain is an Islamic name

Zain Name Origin

Zain is an Arabic name

Zain Name Gender


Zain Name Rashi


Zain Name Lucky Number


Zain Name Lucky Color


Zain Name Lucky Day

Thursday and Monday

Zain Name Lucky Side

North-east direction

Zain Name Lucky Stones


Zain Name Lucky Metals



Is Zain Quranic name?


What is the meaning of name Zain in Arabic?

beauty, grace

Is Zain an Islamic name?


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