Zainab Name Meaning in Arabic

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Zainab is an Arabic name for girls that means either “the bright one”, “the blooming flower”, or “keeper of gold and jewels”. Zainab comes from the root Z-Y-N in Arabic which means to shine, glow and bloom. In the time of the Prophet Muhammad, there was a notable and pious woman named Zainab who was the daughter of Khadija, the first wife of the Prophet. She played an important role by spreading the message of Islam and supporting the Prophet. Hence Zainab eventually became a popular Islamic name for girls, carrying meanings related to brightness, prosperity and piety. Parents choose the name Zainab for their daughters hoping they will grow up to be righteous, precious and flourishing in their knowledge and faith just like the original Zainab. The name has an elegant sound thanks to the repeated consonants and soft vowel endings, suiting any girl who is given this beautiful Arabic name of Zainab and its precious meanings.

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