Zara Name Meaning in Islam, Quran and Arabic

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Zara In Arabic : زارا

Zara In Urdu : ذرا

Zara In Hindi: ज़रा

Zara In Bengali: যারা

MeaningBright as the dawn or flower
Rashi/Astrological signMeen/Pisces
Lucky Number2
Length4 Letters and 1 Word
ReligionMuslim, Hindu, Christian
Zara Name Meaning in Islam

Meaning of Zara in Islam and Quran

In Islam, the name Zara means “bright as the dawn” or “flower.” It’s a popular name for girls in Muslim communities. It isn’t directly deduced from the Arabic language but rather from the Hebrew language. The name has roots in the biblical name Sarah, which is deduced from the Hebrew word “sarai,” meaning “queen.” It’s a common name among Muslims and is also used by people of other faiths.

Zara Name FAQ

Is Zara Quranic name?

Zara isn’t a Quranic name. It’s a name of Arabic origin, but it isn’t mentioned in the Quran. The meaning of the name Zara is” queen” or” bright as the dawn.” It’s a popular name for girls in many parts of the world.

What is the meaning of name Zara in Arabic?

In Arabic, the meaning of the name Zara is “bright as the dawn” or “princess.” It is a feminine name that is derived from the Arabic language.

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