Zara Name Meaning in Urdu (Islamic, Quranic, Arabic)

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Zara is a girl name. The name Zara is used more or less all over the world. The name Zara has multiple origins. But it is known that the name Zara is derived from the Arabic word Zahrah. This name is most commonly used among Muslim girls in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. Although the word Zara is not in the Quran, the name can be used as a Muslim girl’s name. Because the origin of the name Zara is from the Arabic word Zahrah. Zahrah and Zara have the same meaning.

Zara Name Meaning in Urdu

Zara Name Meaning in Urdu

Zara is a very beautiful name. Many Urdu girls are named zara. Zara name meaning in Urdu is Humble, عاجزی اختیار کرنیوالی

Zara Name Details

لڑکی صنف
عاجزی اختیار کرنیوالیمطلب
عربی زبان
4 حروف 1 لفظنام کی لمبائی
جی ہاں مختصر نام
جی ہاں جدید نام
ہندو، مسلمان، عیسائیمذہب
6لکی نمبر
پیلا, سفید, ہلکا سبزلکی کلر
سوموار, جمعراتخوش قسمت دن
مغربی طرفاچھا پہلو
سبز پتھرلکی سٹونز
کانسیلکی میٹلز
Name Length1 Letters 1 Word
Short NameYes
Modern NameYes
Lucky Number6
Lucky ColorYellow, White, Light Green
Lucky DayMonday, Thursday
Good SideWest side
Lucky StonesBloodstone
Lucky MetalsBronze

Zara Name Meaning in Islam

The name Zara is not an Islamic name. The name Zara is derived from the Islamic name Zahrah which means Humble.

Zara Name Meaning in Quranic

The name Zara is not an Quranic name. The name Zara is derived from the Quranic name Zahrah which means Humble.

Zara Name Meaning in Arabic

The name Zara is not an Arabic name. The name Zara is derived from the Arabic name Zahrah which means Humble.

Zara Name Popularity

The name Zara is very popular in Taiwan and India. According to a 2014 data, 401,386 girls worldwide use this name, and the name zara is ranked 2,576 in the world. Countries with highest number of girls named zara:

  1. Taiwan = 193,280 People, 1 Rank.
  2. India = 71,918 People, 1,056 Rank.
  3. China = 60,154 People, 80 Rank.
  4. Zimbabwe = 60,154 People, 7 Rank.
  5. Zambia = 45,785 People, 2 Rank.
  6. Japan = 39,809 People, 9 Rank.
  7. Lesotho = 36,117 People, 2 Rank.
  8. Papua New Guinea = 34,619 People, 18 Rank.
  9. Romania = 31,756 People, 4 Rank.
  10. Costa Rica = 27,206 People, 1 Rank.

What is The Personality of Name Zara

Girls named Zara have a very good heart. They don’t do anything to show others. He completes any work very intelligently. They are good at giving speeches. They can talk very well with strangers. And they have many friends.

They have the desire to do something big in life. They seem very simple, but actually they are not so simple. They think a lot about the past. And they like to spend time with family. They have a lot of energy to do any work.

Sometimes they are in danger because of not taking the right decision. They are very willing to do things that can easily lead to success. Likes to work in peace. They can learn any job very easily. When they make a promise to someone, they keep that promise. They are easily trusted.

Zara Name Popular Person

  1. Zara Tindall (British equestrian)
  2. Zara Larsson (Swedish singer)
  3. Zara Noor Abbas (Pakistani actress)
  4. Zara Ann Louise Spearman (Alexander Spearman’s daughter)
  5. Zara Turner (Actress)
  6. Zara van Cutsem (Geoffrey Neil van Cutsem’s daughter)
  7. Zara Gail Ross
  8. Zara Victoria Legge-Bourke
  9. Zara Carolyn Harrison
  10. Zara Leola (Singer)

Similar Names

Eugenie, Theluji, Amina, Georgina, Princess, Chloe, Zaina, Lucy, Njama, Stephanie, Olivia, Sienna, Beatrice, Teah, Zoha, Sophia, Louise, Jazmine, Mia, Grace, Adaida, Fatima, Aisha, Miriam, Lady, Sophie, Ayesha, Isabella, Zoe, Maryam, Ava, Alisha, Felicity, Iqra, Sana, Margarita, Shetani, Hannah, Arub, Skyler, Zainab, Eva, Viva, Hana, Shanley, Emma, Ammarah, Freya, Zeal, Emily, Callisto, Sarah, Shermarke, Charlotte, Mariam, Aneesa, Zoya, Rijja, Soot, Lily.


What is the meaning of name Zara in Islam?

The name Zara is very beautiful. And this name is more or less used by girls of all religions. The name Zara is derived from the Arabic word Zahrah which means Humble in Islam.

Is the name Zara in the Quran?

Many Muslim girls use the name zara. But zara is not a Quranic name. Muslim girls can freely use the name zara because the name zara is derived from the Arabic word Zahrah, Quranic meaning of Humble.

Does Zara mean Princess?

Girls named Zara are princesses. But the name zara does not mean princess. Zara is an Arabic name meaning Humble.

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