Zendaya: Name Meaning, History, Origin, and Personality

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Zendaya is a beautiful name meaning “to give thanks” in Shona, an African language. The name Zendaya radiates positivity, grace and empowerment.

History and Origin

Zendaya originated from the Shona language spoken mainly in Zimbabwe and some parts of South Africa. In Shona, the name Zendaya literally means “to give thanks” or “to express gratitude”. It speaks to the spirit of appreciation and reverence for life.

The name Zendaya entered the mainstream in recent years through the American actress and singer Zendaya Coleman. She has embodied the name’s meaning through her gracious and humble attitude despite fame.

Meaning and Personality

As a name meaning “to give thanks”, Zendaya bestows certain positive qualities upon girls blessed with this name:

  • Gratitude – Zendayas grow up with an attitude of appreciation for both the big and small things in life. They tend to be cheerful and optimistic.
  • Strength – A spirit of gratitude gives Zendayas inner strength and resilience. They learn to weather difficulties with grace.
  • Confidence – Zendaya as a name of thanksgiving imbues girls with self-assurance that empowers them to embrace their individuality.
  • Empathy – Zendayas develop the ability to understand and connect with others through recognizing shared humanity.
  • Grace – Zendayas often carry themselves with elegance, reflecting the dignified spirit embodied by their name.


The name Zendaya – meaning “to give thanks” – shapes the character of girls in gracious yet empowering ways. A Zendaya blossoms into her role as a giver of gratitude – an energy she shares with grace, confidence and empathy that reflects the spiritual strength embodied by their name.

The name Zendaya resonates with positivity, reverence for life and the empowerment that comes from a spirit of thanksgiving.

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