Zidan: Islamic Name Meaning and Personality

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What does mean the name Zidan?

The Muslim boy name Zidan means “increase,growth and progress.”

Zidan Name Personality.

A boy named Zidan likely possesses a progressive, forward-thinking personality. He may embrace change and new ideas that could lead to growth and improvement. Zidan suggests an enterprising spirit with a love for learning and achieving more.

The name Zidan also implies virtues of determination and perseverance. In order to make progress and grow, one must keep moving forward despite obstacles. A Zidan likely possesses a strong work ethic and refuses to give up easily on his goals.

For parents seeking a name that represents virtues like growth, progress, determination and a spirit of enterprise, Zidan is a fitting choice. It conveys a love for self-improvement and achieving more through hard work, perseverance and constantly pushing boundaries.


Zidan is a beautiful Muslim boy name meaning “increase, growth and progress”. It signifies a dynamic personality in its namesake who embraces change, new challenges and constant development. Zidan reflects a restless spirit that always seeks to learn more, do more and achieve more through grit, determination and enterprise. Progress – both personally and for society – is the heartbeat of a Zidan’s life purpose.

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