Zimal Name Meaning

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What Does Zimal Mean?

Zimal is an Arabic name meaning “rays of light”. It signifies brightness, radiance and illumination.

How Popular Is the Name Zimal?

Zimal is not a highly common name and does not rank among the top popular names in use today. It remains fairly uncommon and lesser known.

Zimal Name Personality

A person named Zimal likely has a cheerful, optimistic personality. They tend to illuminate situations with happiness and brightness. Zimal represents positivity, insight and wisdom emanating like rays of light.

Name Variations

Some variations of the name Zimal include Zamal, Zimil and Zamil.

Similar Names

Other names with a similar meaning of “rays of light” include Nour, Ilum and Lux.

Famous People Named Zimal

There do not appear to be any particularly famous or notable people throughout history with the first name Zimal. It remains an uncommon and lesser-known name.


Is Zimal a Islamic Name?

Yes! Zimal is an Islamic name meaning “rays of light”.

Is Zimal a Quranic Name?

Zimal is not specifically mentioned in the Quran but the meaning and virtues it represents – brightness, illumination, wisdom and cheerfulness – are qualities praised in Islam.

Is Zimal a Arabic Name?

Zimal is an Arabic name since it comes from the Arabic language and has an Arabic meaning. However it can also be used by Muslims of non-Arabic backgrounds.


Zimal is an Arabic name meaning “rays of light”, signifying brightness, cheerfulness and the emanation of wisdom. While uncommon, Zimal represents an optimistic, happy-hearted person whose very presence seems to illuminate situations with positivity and insight.

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