Zohan Name Meaning

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What Does Zohan Mean?

The name Zohan is of Hebrew origin and means “the Lord gave”. It signifies God’s gift and blessings.

How Popular Is the Name Zohan?

Zohan is not a common name and does not rank among the most popular names in use today. It has more of a vintage, antique feel to it and does not appear to be gaining much popularity.

Zohan Name Personality

A person named Zohan likely has a spiritual, wise nature. They may appreciate the gifts and blessings in their life and view them as coming from God. Zohan represents gratefulness, contentment and a humble acceptance of life’s gifts.

Name Variations

Some variations of the name Zohan include Zohar, Zohran and Zoher.

Similar Names

Other names with a similar meaning of “gift from God” include Zion, Evan, Darren and Grayson.

Famous People Named Zohan

There do not appear to be any particularly famous or notable people throughout history with the first name Zohan. It remains an uncommon and lesser-known name.


Zohan is a Hebrew name meaning “the Lord gave”, signifying God’s gift or blessing. While uncommon, Zohan represents an appreciation for life’s gifts, a humble acceptance of blessings and a perspective of gratefulness. A person named Zohan likely has a wise, spiritual nature and views the gifts in their life as coming from God above.

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